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Little by little, one travels far.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Who we are

This website was born out of a deep love for all things French, the gratifying process of language learning and the desire to help you reach even your most ambitious language-related goals.

Add to that mix a great deal of dedication, a solid background in language learning and a freshly acquired master’s degree in translation and interpreting… and you get Frenchanted, launched in early 2022, with the mission of making your budding French skills bloom!

What we do

Whether you’ve been enchanted by the beauty of the French language and started learning it in your free time, take it at school, strive to give your career a boost or need it for travel purposes, Frenchanted has some valuable resources tailored exactly to your needs. We offer a steady stream of study advice and learning materials that will help you get the most out of your time and efforts.

There are quite a few preconceptions (or idées reçues) out there about learning a foreign language that tend to discourage us from taking the plunge.

These include the idea that some people are just not made for learning a new language (in short, the necessity to have a special gift or aptitude for languages), that you’ll need to hire a private tutor to help you reach your goals (whatever they might be), or that you’ll have to move to a French-speaking country to fine-tune your language skills.

Even though all of these might prove useful at different stages of your progress, you’ll need none of it to succeed. Mastering French at home and for free is perfectly possible. With thematic word lists, language learning tips and grammar explanations (written with the motto “keep it fun, clear and simple” in mind), Frenchanteds goal is to help you do just that.

While learning a new language is both enjoyable and extremely useful in so many respects, becoming the pro you want to be takes determination and commitment.

That’s exactly why we’re here: to accompany you on this long, thoroughly enjoyable but sometimes challenging journey that’s worth every minute of your time. And if we get a chuckle or two out of you in the process, well, all the better. We hope you like having fun.

There’s only one thing left to add – and it’s on a totally unrelated note: as you might have already noticed, we love cats. With Frenchanted, you can count on having your daily dose of cute cats together with your daily dose of French. You can thank us later.

Have fun learning!