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List of bird names in French

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Looking for a list of bird names in French? Whether it’s big, small, pink, black, flightless or soaring – as long as it’s a bird, it’s probably included here. Check out the most common bird species and their French name below.

And if it’s not a bird but another type of animal whose name you’d like to learn in French, it’s more than likely that you’ll find it on this comprehensive list right here.

bird of paradisel’oiseau (m) de paradis
blackbirdle merle
bullfinchle bouvreuil
chaffinchle pinson
cormorantle cormoran
cranela grue
dovela colombe
duckle canard
egretl’aigrette (f)
emul’émeu (m)
flamingole flamant, le flamant rose (plural: flamants roses)
goldfinchle chardonneret
goosel’oie (f)
hawkle faucon
heronle (!) héron (attention: h aspiré!)
jayle geai
kingfisherle martin-pêcheur
kiwile kiwi
kookaburrale kookaburra
larkl’alouette (f)
magpiela pie
nightingalele rossignol
parakeetla perruche ondulée
peacockle paon
penguinle manchot
pelicanle pélican
pheasantle faisan
pigeonle pigeon
puffinle macareux
quailla caille
ravenle corbeau
robinle rouge-gorge
seagullla mouette/ le goéland (bigger)
sparrowle moineau
storkla cigogne
swallowl’hirondelle (f)
swanle cygne
toucanle toucan
turkeydepends on whether it’s a male or a female bird: le dindon (male turkey)/ la dinde (female)
woodpeckerle pic

Want to know more? Find a useful French guide to different bird species here.

And if you’re curious about what sounds animals (including quite a few birds) make and how they are transcribed in French, check out our article about animal onomatopoeias in French. It’s a “fun meets useful” type of thing!

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