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List of kitchen tools & cooking utensils in French

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Knowing the names of cooking utensils, kitchen tools, and kitchen appliences in French can be the difference between regularly hunting for French-language recipes on the Internet and never ever doing that. But you probably should, because trying French recipes will have some very tangible benefits for you: namely, you’ll be cooking delicious food and improving your French at the very same time. That’s an incontestable win!

It’s admittedly a lot more fun, too, if you don’t have to wonder whether casserole means “saucepan” or “pot” (the former), or whether torchon has anything to do with a torch (it doesn’t – it’s French for tea towel) while reading the instructions.

As always, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew: as this is a pretty comprehensive list of kitchen tools, you should first choose the words that seem the most useful to you. If you find all of it useful – thanks! – you can proceed to learn the remaining vocab at a later time.

No rush means no frustration, no cramming and more effective learning.

And if you’re looking for further food-related resources, take a look at our list of spices in French. I wouldn’t miss out on our collection of cooking and baking verbs, either. Or check out our article about the difference between gourmet and gourmand, so that you’ll never mix them up again. Ever.

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  1. Different types of pots and pans
  2. Kitchen tools & cooking utensils
  3. Containers & products for keeping food fresh
  4. Products for cleaning & tidying up the kitchen
  5. Kitchen appliances
  6. Different types of coffee makers/ coffee machines
  7. Plate types
  8. Cutlery: different types of forks, spoons, knives
    1. Forks
    2. Spoons
    3. Knives
  9. Glass types

1. Different types of pots and pans in French

la batterie de cuisine = cookware

la cocotte = casserole

la marmite = pot

la casserole = saucepan (Yes, it’s confusing! Casserole means “saucepan” in French, but a “casserole” in English is cocotte in French.)

la poêle/ poêle à frire = frying pan

la poêle antiadhésive = non-stick frying pan

le wok = wok

la plaque de cuisson/ la plaque = baking sheet

le moule à muffin = muffin pan/ muffin tin

2. Kitchen tools & cooking utensils in French

la louche = ladle

la cuillère en bois = wooden spoon

l’éplucheur (m) = peeler

la passoire = colander

le presse-purée = potato masher

la mandoline = slicer/ mandolin

le tamise = sieve

le fouet = whisk

la poche à douille = pastry bag

le rouleau à pâtisserie = rolling pin

l’emporte-pièce (m) = cookie cutter

(une paire de) ciseaux de cuisine = kitchen scissors

l’ouvre-boîte (m) = tin opener

une feuille de papier cuisson = a sheet of baking paper

les moules (m pl) en papier / caissettes (f pl) à muffins = muffin papers/ muffin liners

3. Containers & products for keeping food fresh in French

le bocal = jar, mason jar

le récipient alimentaire = food container

la boîte à lunch = lunch box

le sac congélation = freezer bag

le film étirable = saran wrap / plastic wrap / cling film

le papier aluminium = tinfoil / aluminium foil

la cloche = bell cover, plate cover

le plateau = tray

4. Products for cleaning and tidying up in French

le papier absorbant = paper towel (literally: absorbent paper)

le torchon = dish towel, tea towel

l’éponge (f) = sponge

le produit vaisselle, le liquide vaisselle = dish soap, washing-up liquid

tablettes (f pl) lave-vaisselle, pastilles (f pl) lave-vaisselle = diswasher tablets

le plan de travail = kitchen counter, countertop

5. Kitchen appliances in French

la bouilloire (électrique) = (electric) kettle

le batteur (électrique) = hand mixer, electric mixer

le micro-onde/ le four à micro-ondes = microvawe /microvawe oven

la friteuse = deep fryer

la friteuse à air chaud = air fryer

le cuiseur de riz = rice cooker

le robot ménager = food processor

le grille-pain / le toaster = toaster

la cocotte-minute (originally a brand name) = pressure cooker

la mijoteuse = slow cooker

le congélateur = freezer

réfrigérateur = fridge

le lave-vaisselle = dishwasher

6. Different types of coffee makers/ coffee machines in French

la cafetière = coffeemaker

la cafetière à dosettes = single-serve coffee maker/ pod coffee machine

la cafetière moka = stovetop coffeemaker

le machine à café = coffee machine

7. Plate types in French

le bol = bowl (deep bowl – e.g., for cereal)

l’assiette (f) creuse = soup plate (less deep than a bol)

l’assiette (f) plate = dinner plate

l‘assiette (f) à dessert = dessert plate

le saladier = salad bowl

8. Cutlery in French: different types of forks, spoons, knives

les couverts (m pl) = cutlery

les baguettes (f pl) = chopsticks

Different types of forks in French

la fourchette = fork

la fourchette à dessert = dessert fork

la fourchette à salade = salad fork

Different types of spoons in French

la cuillère = spoon

la cuillère à café = teaspoon (literally: coffee spoon)

la cuillère à thé = teaspoon

la petite cuillère = literally: small spoon, usually refers to a teaspoon

la cuillère à moka = moka spoon (the tiny kind: smaller than a teaspoon)

la cuillère à dessert = dessert spoon

la cuillère à soupe = tablespoon

Different types of knives in French

le couteau = knife

le couteau à beurre = butter knife, spread knife

le couteau à pain = bread knife

le couteau à poisson = fish knife

le couteau de chef = chef’s knife

le couteau d’office = paring knife

un couteau tranchant / un couteau bien aiguisé = a sharp knife / literally: a well-sharpened knife

9. Glass types in French

le verre = (drinking) glass

le verre à eau = water glass

le verre à vin = wine glass

la flûte, flûte à champagne = flute

le verre à cocktail = cocktail glass

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